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It started out by waiting in line for about 2 hours. I met these really awesome people and watched 2 gay guys [adorable!] cuddle on the steps to the venue. I was toward the front of the line, since I got there so early. The concert was sold out. Anyway, once we were allowed inside, my mom and her boyfriend dragged me to the bathroom so they could use it. Then, we walked out and I was like face to face with Haley Rose. So, she helped me with my nervousness and such and we hugged and things. Then, I met Ashley Costello who is the singer of New Years Day. They both are so sweet and I got both of their autographs! I then met Nikki Misery and was going to get a picture with him when all of the sudden he grabbed my hand and like held it out like we were doing the tango. I'll post pictures later. Well, we hugged and such, got autographs. Then I met Davey Suicide. He kinda scared me since he was so tall but I got a picture with him and he signed my shirt. I met another guy from his band Frankie and got autographs. Then, once Davey Suicide went on stage, I went to the balcony and watched for a few before my mom poked me. I stared at her weird, and then went back to watching. Then I heard her whisper, "Is that Jayy?" And I turned and she pointed to a really tall dude that was by the gate on the balcony. No fans were crowding him so I was like, "No." And then, I did a double take. "Oh my god.." And according to her, I went pale and started shaking and then like the best mother should, she comforted me and told me to take my time and go up to him whenever I feel less nervous. Actually, shes not a best mother. She PUSHED me toward him. I almost ran into him and I was like O-O Sorry... and he was like, "Its fine." And so, I asked if I could have an autograph and he was like, "Do you have a marker?" And I was like "No.." and he sighed and put out his arm for me to hold. "Well, lets go get one then!" he said with his sexy voice and I grabbed his arm and together we like traveled through the crowd to the merch table. He found a marker and then signed my shirt and then we stared at each other for a couple minutes before he leaned down and hugged me tightly. He wouldn't pull away forever, but when I heard a fangirl scream I pulled away and awkardly walked away as people ran up to him. Well, I went over to the BOTDF/Jeffree Star merch table and was waiting in line when a girl started talking to me. "Hey." she said and I smiled, "Hi." and then somehow I said, "Have you ever met someone you knew online at a concert?" and she was like, "Im actually looking for a friend from twitter..." her voice trailed off and I was like, "Abbi?" and she was like, "Destiny!" and then we hugged. We met on twitter and were planning to meet at the concert. Hehe. Anywy, we stood in line together and bought some merch. I bought a Jeffree star shirt and bracelet and a BOTDF shirt. Then, Abbi screamed. "Its green hair!" she shouted and I looked at her weird. A lot of people here had green hair. "No, its dahvie!" she said and pointed. We hurried over and like.. cut in line and got in third. When it was my turn to meet him, he pulled me into a hug and said, "Thanks for coming." and he gave me a BOTDF necklace and then took a picture with me. Then, he kissed the top of my head, hugging me again before letting the next person go. After that, Jeffree Star got on stage and me and Abbi and her sister Randi like tried to get in the front row of the main part of the stage but got stuck in the middle. So, we went to the side of the stage and managed to get front row! Well, everybody seemed to be copying Jeffree and when Legs Up came on, me Abbi and Randi began jumping, like we were the only ones jumping and Jeffree saw us, smiled, and began jumping. The crowd came to life and began jumping. It was like, Simon Says. Or Jeffree Says. Anyway, as soon as his set was over, he announced he wasn't doing signings and he was running a 102 degree fever and was going straight to his bus. I was bummed but whatever. Next was BOTDF. As soon as it started, Jayy like, spit on my side of the crowd. He drank water and then spit it at us. I got most of it on me since I was like, 3 feet from him. And then while he was singing, he like was teasing me. I was like, leaning over the bar and he wouldn't let me touch him. I was like GRR, and he finally let me touch his arm. And then he reached out his hand that wasn't holding the mic and held my hand for a moment before giving me his famous smile and then pulling away and going back on stage. Throughout that whole set, Dahvie kept grabbing my hand and letting me stroke his hair. He sometimes went into the crowd to let people sing. Then, during Bewitched he came out into the crowd and was letting people sing. I didn't notice until Abbi tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around and Dahvie was like, right behind me, letting someone else sing. Then, he turned and faced me. It was slow motion from there. He walked up to me and slowly placed his hand on my cheek and held the mic to my lips. I then sung a few verses of the song, a lot longer than what he was normally letting others sing. Then, he caressed my cheek and pulled away to go back on stage. Then later, he was letting like 5 people on stage and then, he pointed to me. I climbed over the railing and then ran up the steps. He hugged me and the song started and I danced around with him and Jayy and the guitarists and Haley and the violinist Brandy and such. Then, Dahvie hugged me and let me off stage. I jumped around and had fun until the set was over. It was the end. It ended around midnight. I like stayed after and walked over to Dahvie and he liked, hugged me tight while whispering, "You are my favorite of the whole tour. I love you! I hope to see you again, love. Hope you had fun." And I was speechless, but said bye. Then I said bye to Randi and Abbi and then I left. It was really the best night of my life, and I will never forget it.
SGTC Forever<3
For all you out there hating on them, saying they're rapists and pervs. Sure, they say weird and perverted things, but honestly, they are the sweetest people I have ever met. I am seeing them again in the summer, and I hope that Dahvie remembers me like I remember him. They are the best, and will forever be in my heart and soul. They have changed my life, and I literally cried that night.
For all you haters that still say shit about them, FUCK YOU! They are more famous than you'll ever be. They are more sweet and kind and caring than you will ever be. I love them, and will love them until the day I die.
I love you Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe,
you have saved me.


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Destiny Gollihue
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I love taking pictures,drawing, and editing. So if you have any requests, yourself,a friend, or a celebrity. I can edit it for you,, free!
I also love writing, and I love the band Black Veil Brides. So, I must write and edit a lot about them, of course.

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